Buy A Cheap Smartphone


I have owned a total of 3 Android smartphones:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S III (ran CM, of curse)
  2. Nexus 5
  3. Nextbit Robin

Here’s what I paid for them:

  1. $0
  2. $160
  3. $140

I inherited the S III, but it wasn’t more than $200 at the time, so lets include it in the total anyway: $500.

A flagship phone will easily costs $700-1000, and will start to show its age after about 3 years, when updates will stop.

These phones lasted me, on average, a year each. If you’re not treating them like a gorilla (as I did), you can squeeze 2 years out. That will lead to major savings. MAJOR. It can easily save half your money. Maybe use it to buy a better, normal sized, e-reader.

Like most things in life, there is a trade off here. There are two cons to getting a cheap phone:

  1. It’s not as shiny of a jewel.
  2. It lacks the “current extras”.

There’s nothing to do about the lack of bling, but even if you’re ambivalent to that, you’re still missing out on the “current extras”.

The current extras are a set of contemporary features missing from the cheaper (and often older) phones. A repeat offender here is a better camera, they always get better with time. The other major one is waterproofing which lacks from older and cheaper phones. It’s changing, though.

Oh, and processing powers is not something you’ll be missing. You don’t need another two cores to run the latest Angry Birds. Even if they’re 0.15Ghz faster.

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