Digital Nomads: Avoid City Centers


I’ve been a digital nomad for a while now. I like urban locations best, and my advice to fellow travelers who like cities is avoid the center. Unless you go to a smaller city, which center isn’t really the one I’m talking about.

The main problem with centers of cities like London, Budapest, Prague, and LA are mainly, well, the tourists. They:

  • Make everything more expensive
  • Which in turn pushes locals out
  • And changes the aim of the local shops, restaurants and nightlife outlets.

On the other hand, outside the center, you can:

  • Sit at a higher quality, cafe
  • Avoid the noise and clutter
  • Save money
  • And most importantly, meet the locals.

That last point is so crucial. I stayed a few nights in Soho, London. Met a lot of cool people. Didn’t meet a single Londoner.

An alternative is staying in a smaller city. Traveling to the Czech Republic? Better try Brno. You get the idea.